When I was learning how to decorate cakes, many times I relied on other bakers’ and decorators’ online tutorials to help me figure out how I was going to get the idea I had in my head out as a cake or sugar decoration.  The cake decorating community is full of people so willing to share their knowledge and skills.

I hope to contribute to this community by adding sugarcraft tutorials for projects that I have done which I think may be of help to you.

If you have made a cake using my tutorials, please post a picture of your cake on my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/debsmakescakes 

If you are looking for more hands on instruction, classes are held in at The Cake College in Berkshire.  For more information on The Cake College and the classes on offer, please visit thecakecollege.com

Fondant Airpla

Fondant Airplane Tutorial with Elephant Pilot

I hope you find my fondant airplane tutorial complete with elephant pilot helpful! NOTES:  This is my first ever tutorial, so the photographs are a bit rough but I’ve got to start somewhere.  I must apologise but inexperience made it difficult to photograph a few things which I’ve had to add into the text.   Please […]

Tree Frog & Frangipani cake-6

Sugarpaste Frangipani Tutorial

When my original idea for the tree frog cake I made didn’t look quite right, I needed to find a quick and simple tropical flower that would complement the colours and style of the decorations I had already made. I did some research online (what did we do before the internet?) and decided on to […]