Classes are held in at The Cake College in Berkshire.  The fabulous farmhouse kitchen is a truly wonderful setting in which to work and learn.  For more information on The Cake College and the classes on offer, please visit

In addition, I also offer 1-to-1 tuition in your own home or kitchen.  I find this works very well because my students learn exactly what they want to learn in a familiar environment and do not spend time covering techniques they already know or techniques they know they will never use.

Cakes can be very sentimental and I often come across people in cake decorating shops desperate to make their own special cake.  They are proficient bakers, full of ideas and enthusiasm, but have no practical idea of where to start when it comes to cake decorating.  They are so overwhelmed by the number of different tools suggested by sales staff, from non-stick rolling pins and smoothers, to moulds and cutters, let alone all the different kinds of consumables like gel colours and sugar paste.  The cost of all of these bits and pieces can easily add up to quite a sum and on top of that, knowing which tools are essential and which can be replaced by something like a cocktail stick can be tricky.

If you are in this situation, get in touch and I can come up with a cake decorating class to teach you how to make the cake that you would like, without you having to buy all of the equipment.  Most one or two-tier birthday or christening cakes can be completed in either one or two afternoon sessions (baking excluded).  You will have full access to my collection of tools as well as my expertise to help you create a professional looking cake that will make you proud.

If you already know the basics of cake decorating and need some help with expanding certain aspects of your cake decorating repertoire, particularly the art of making sugar flowers, please get in touch and I can develop some workshops just for you.

I work with both beginners and experienced hobby cake decorators as well as other cake business owners.

Please email for more information.