The ones that weren’t cake but cookies

In January this year I did a 5-day master class at the Cake Parlour in Wimbledon. Of those 5 days, we must have spent about 2 days doing iced cookies. At the time, I think I was a little peeved as I would have rather spent the time learning more about cakes or sugar flowers. I kept saying to myself: transferrable skills, you are learning transferrable skills. It’s now July and I’ve not made a single iced cookie since – until this past weekend.

Fran Cookies-3


My dear friend Fran is having a baby girl soon and yesterday was her baby shower. As I’m in the process of setting up my studio, I figured that this was a good opportunity to do a little bit of marketing, while making a small contribution to the afternoon. As the baby shower was being hosted by a cake shop, I felt that doing some form of cake a) might step some toes and b) regretfully, there is truly only so much cake a girl can eat in one afternoon. So cookies seemed the logical answer as they could also be taken away as a thank you favour.

Fran Cookies-5


At this point, I must say that I was now glad I had two days of “cookie school”. I don’t find cookies that easy – the scale is tiny so it takes an awful lot of work to put in the right amount of detail. But I persevered and here is the result.

Fran Cookies-6