The one with the teeny tiny diner things

Mini modelling is something I’ve wanted to try for ages.  I have decided that I’m going to Cake International in Birmingham in November ( but I still haven’t quite decided which class or classes I’m going to enter.  I really like the idea of doing a small decorative exhibit but I have zero experience of modelling on such a small scale.

Diner Cake-3

Miss K’s birthday rolled around for the 17th time and her mom, my friend Miss C, had put together a day of surprises to keep Miss K guessing.  The last stop for the night was a surprise dinner with her friends at an American diner in Covent Garden as a little reminder of the epic road trip they had taken the previous year.

Diner Cake-4

When Miss C asked me to make Miss K a diner themed cakes my first thought was a teeny tiny cherry pie.  And teeny tiny hot dogs.  And teeny tiny pancakes with bacon.  And to quote Miss K, when she saw the cake, even the teeny tiny milkshakes had teeny tiny sprinkles…

The one element that I was seriously pleased with  was the stools.  Initially I was worried about getting the proportions right, but I think it came out just fine.  The only regret I have is that I didn’t think to paint them a shiny silver.

Diner Cake-6

So I’ve had my first go at modelling on a small scale and I really, really enjoyed it.  I don’t think I’m ready to compete in this class yet, but there is a whole lot of time to practice between now and November.