The one that used the Cake Dutchess tutorial

If you follow my Facebook page, you will probably know that I have a small cake crush on Etty the Cake Dutchess. She has an amazing Facebook page ( ) and her tutorials are all in one handy place on Pintrest (  On top of that, she is a really nice person and shared my fb page back when I had a sum total of 9 likes.

The cake I made for Solitaire’s birthday was an opportunity to put Etty’s tree frog tutorials to good use.  I had planned to make a whole army of  tree frogs* but the army looked more like an infestation rather than a celebration, so I ended up editing the idea and including some Frangipani flowers instead.

I was quite offended by the Frangipani’s. As they are only made up of 5 small petals, I thought that they would be super quick and simple to make. How wrong I was. I just could not get them spiral open properly, which is really what makes Frangipani’s special.  No spiral and you may as well be making daisies.

Tree Frog & Frangipani cake-4

Of the first twelve flowers I made, only 3 were just about OK – the others were all binned. As with most sugar flowers, you only need a tiny bit of glue, but as you need to cut most of the glued part away, I was struggling to get the petals to stay together. I found a couple of tutorials online but none of them resulted in a flower that I was happy with.  Eventually, I cobbled together a few ideas from different tutorials which turned out to be a good solution and I was able to churn out perfect frangipanis like I was on a production line. I’ll be sharing my method in a tutorial soon.

Cake Masters Magazine’s May 2014 issue also contained a board covering master class and this inspired me to do something a little extra with the board too.

* Google assures me that “army” is the collective noun for a group of frogs.

Tree Frog & Frangipani cake