The one with a baby Rhino

When I got asked by my old friend Ms H to do her 40th birthday cake, I knew exactly what was coming next: could you do a Rhino? My answer: Hell yes! But no red velvet cake, OK?

(In my opinion, this should be a rule. When the time comes to cut and serve an animal shaped cake, just think of the Armadillo cake in the movie Steel Magnolias. Not appetising)

So Ms H agreed to no red velvet and I got to work.

Raffi Rhino

What’s better than a rhino cake? A baby rhino cake.

Raffi Rhino-3

I am so very happy with how it turned out.  This cake was a beast and weighed about the same as a baby rhino.

Raffi Rhino-5

Happy birthday Ms H. Don’t worry, you are not the only one who still thinks they are 20-something.

Why a Rhino? Ms H was formerly a South African farm girl and has a thing for these magnificent creatures and volunteers her time as a Director at a Rhino conservation charity

Currently, rhino horn is the world’s most expensive commodity as it is worth more than gold and cocaine. Of course, this means Rhino poaching is on the increase. The stats are very scary: an increase of over 9300% in seven years.*

*Percentages are funny things – you can make something look better or worse, depending on your motives but the real numbers don’t lie: In 2007, a total of 13 Rhinos were killed for their horns in South Africa. In 2014, that number reached a diabolical 1215. That is the real number, not a typo. Time to spread the word.